Before we suffer from information overload (as we are mostly glued to our screens with lockdown protocols worldwide), know that there is a true pot of gold at the end of the rainbow that is data for the pandemic age. Our open data lake is free, accessible, and rich in insights that can last more than this lifetime. Join us in this journey and together we can learn and beat this invisible enemy that is common to most countries in the world today.

Coronavirus — act responsibly

CoronaTracker is stepping up its game from being an ordinary dashboard into being a world-class hub for garnering insights through its API and open data lake for interested entities and researchers all over the world. We have gathered and continue to gather enough official data to create a data lake or open repository for all on matters of covid-19 as it happened and continues to happen in our lives today. The gatekeeping to keeping data integrity intact despite the growing information continues. We have previously been recognized by the World Health Organization for our initial work that was published last month, and it does not end there. 

Embed or Access Our Data Freely via Widgets or API

If you have your own use case for CoronaTracker’s data, you are also welcome to use it even without joining our research team. At present, a lot of individuals and groups are able to make use of embedding CoronaTracker iframes on their websites for their purposes of informing the public. Aside from this, we have a well-documented API that allows you to pull the data from our database for your personal use. 

Coronatracker API Documentation

For example, you can use a GET request with the right parameters to view stats per country. Some of the other things you can get from our API include total daily cases, top statistics, deaths, and getting the data of a country between a specified start and end date. There is also a separate document on accessing our data lake to be rolled out soon. These are all free of charge for public consumption. The documentation is well-written and easy to follow. 

The Covid-19 Data Frontlining Work

Data without action is useless. We are not just collecting data into our open data lake for the sake of storing information. There are open areas of research across various disciplines that require collaboration and a robust framework of analyzing the big lake of data. 

Our collaborative synergy with our network of volunteer researchers has 6 active research threads open today: 

  • Epidemic curves by country
  • Economic impact of COVID-19
  • Differentiating country covid rates by cultural factors
  • Differentiating country COVID-19 rates by demographic factors
  • Climate factors influencing COVID-19 rates
  • Transportation/network model (flights/telco) to predict COVID-19 trends

Data Visualization of Covid-19 as it Happens

Coronatracker’s App Analytics Dashboard for the Public

Even without special access parameters from API or the data lake, you can still view the platform at free of charge anytime. If there is anything that needs correcting, our team of volunteers is actively making the necessary corrections to maintain data integrity for all the data points being shown on the dashboard we have created for public consumption.

You can join us in this challenge of studying these active areas of research today. You can also learn more about our open data lake initiative by visiting our site. Thank you for your continuous support of our app. 

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